Masterclass With CCBA


MASTERCLASS is a curated set of interactive sessions formulated along the lines of the traditional GURUKUL house of education which emphasized on methods of experiential learning!

Presenting Masterclass-a unique opportunity to quench the curious minds of students and professionals alike, each masterclass aims at exploring in depth the philosophy behind the practice and works of a master designer through direct interactions and knowledge sharing sessions under stimulated environments.
These experiences help in formulating a diverse array of perspectives about the art and design industry. INKUISITIVE brings to you a series of MASTERCLASS – sessions with noted designers and personalities of creative profile who are an inspiration to many.

The Process

Individual Masterclasses follow specific modules of learning and is co-curated by the master himself, bringing a deeper perspective in the philosophies and works of the master. Through this, we aim at providing diverse opportunities to the participants, enabling them to gain direct knowledge and skills from the masters himself.These curated sessions touch upon the various influences, inspirations and experiments carried out by the Master Designer.

Who Can Participate


(third year and above)

Graduates and Post-graduates

Practicing professionals

How to Participate

Send us a letter explaining your interest and intent in joining the master class to We would also like you to share a brief on your professional/academic career stressing the high points.

CCBA Design Studio

CCBA is one of the most awarded design studios in the country enriching the sub-continent with timeless pieces of architecture over the past two decades. With a diverse range of portfolio and a prime location amongst the salubrious surroundings of the Shayadri Mountains, the practice has gained an international repute for being an intellectual pack of architects who cross the briefs and commercials every now and then to bring the most appropriate solutions, contextually sustainable to the existing built environment. Christopher Charles Benninger Architects create products ranging from capital cities and new towns, educational campuses and corporate headquarters, estates and hotels, down to the design of individual chairs and artworks!


INKUISITIVE is an avenue bringing numerous opportunities of exploration and understanding to the students and professionals alike. Our philosophy involves purposefully engaging the learners into on-hands assignments to create direct experience in order to increase knowledge and develop skills, clarify values hence enabling them to do value additions to their communities. We aim to achieve this through a mixture of experiences, both indoor and outdoor.

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