11 Feb 2018

About twenty kilometers from the city of Kolhapur lies Hupari, the famous Silver Nagari of India. With a population close to thirty thousand, the majority of the village has been involved in making silver jewelry since the last century! The region was well known since the 13th century for its silver jewelry industry. However, the Read More

10 Feb 2018

Situated on the banks of river Panchaganga in the south-west region of Maharashtra, the historic city of Kolhapur derives its name from the mythical story of Kolhasur – a demon who was slain by Goddess Mahalakshmi. Nested in the serene laps of the Shayadri range, this remarkable land of splendid temples is the religious pride Read More

10 Feb 2018

Case studies have been repeatedly stressed on by many stalwarts of the architectural guild as the foundation to an expressive design proposal. Studying buildings of a precise typology before setting on to design one is particularly stressed upon for its multifaceted benefits- it offers a comprehensive knowledge on how the particular types of structures functions, Read More

06 Jan 2018

Experiential learning has always been one of the primary USP of INKUISITIVE since its inception a few years back.

06 Jan 2018

Architecture in its most stripped down form takes the shape of a home, a unit constructed to protect its residents from…

11 Nov 2017

The debate between hands-on and digital has been going on for long, if not a whole decade as of now.

30 Oct 2017

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” – Confucius