For the things we have
to learn before
we can do them, we learn
by doing them

- Aristotle

Inspired by the Mario Ponzo illusion - for a line that is equal may or may not be so, similarly does knowledge equal to understanding or is it just an illusion of understanding? We as humans respond to visual stimuli and it is with these repeated applications of touch, feel and experience through various mediums, for eg. observing in situ buildings about which we have learnt, we hone our understanding and enhance the appreciation of the grid that connects many cultures, civilizations and practices around the world.

We at Inkuisitive, cater to this very inclination towards stimuli - through real world experiences, interactions and conversations, we bring to you a blend of these carefully and methodologically created programs that deepens knowledge offered through education & acts an aid to design institutes and professionals.

We are best at:


Extensively researched & curated experiences with focus on rich content and customized destinations with a focus on experiential learning.


Programs with applied learning science – created with our diverse collaborators which includes architects, designers, educationists & practitioner.


Hands on interactive learning modules across the globe, each led by a team of architects or experts in the field of design & architecture.

From humble beginnings to a product with a global vision

Started with a focus to enable education through the mode of travel, the team at Inkuisitive have built a platform for the curious seekers and it brings to them a world filled with unique resources.

Rajesh Krishnan
Architect, Co-Founder

An Architect, an academic and an automobile lover, Rajesh brings with him the wand of creating and executing experiential programs blending explorations, interactions and learning. He refuses to restrict himself to one channel of life and continuously pushes all boundaries, in his search for varied experiences.

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Architect, Co-Founder

Darshan scales lands explored by none. A qualified computer engineer, who has combined his love for nature and architecture in his work for Inkuisitive. He is the founding member of SHUNYA, an architecture practice focusing on mud and bamboo construction techniques.

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Aarsha Raveendaran

An architect by profession & an avid backpacker, Aarsha Raveendaran brings dynamism and heads the marketing and program sourcing department at Inkuisitive. She has also co-authored “People called Mumbai” and conducts heritage walks around Mumbai.

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Swati Surampally

Swati is an architect and a graphic artist who has a keen interest in exploring various materials and mediums to explore her art and design. Swati has travelled across the country & has documented various heritage structures and actively participated in their restoration.

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A Journey To Inkuisitive

From knowledge sharing, to enriching interactions to uncharted architecturally rich destinations discovered. A sneak peek into what’s led to Inkuisitive.


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A Whole World Of Learning, Made Accessible.

From the multiple complexities that make Architecture & Design possible, to the puzzle of the world that surrounds us. Each a carefully studied and curated program to bring real world understanding to design & architecture students & practitioners.


Inkuisitive presents a platform to understand the living environment of nascent cultures. We bring to you a bank of these exclusive cultures for developing ideas through critical, creative and humanistic dialogues, we propose an integrated investigation through mapping and analysis.Our platform ensures local awareness and support along with the execution of the on-field program.


Inspiration is the biggest motivator and the best way to learn is from the inspirer. This process of a one on one masterclass which traces the Philosophy and work style of a master gives one the opportunity to learn, question and collate.Which further opens the window to experiment and collaborate.


The evolution of every design is guided by the materials and the technology used. A thorough understanding of the same leads to multiple possibilities of evolving the design.We look at the birth of a material to the numerous derivatives possible and explore their role in design practice.This method includes theory, discussion and experimentation.


A sense of place, a respect for local culture, body & forms of working are integral elements of sketchpedition. In this program, we apply our module – into understanding real world workings of architecture across destinations, sketch & document observations and learn continuously shifting patterns of building & designing across the world.

We believe every program has its own enriching experiences & takeaways. Based on your requirement, we can custom make an experiential program curated just for your brief.

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